Thursday, January 28, 2010


As I walked down Magnolia Avenue last Thursday, the only evidence of the morning rainstorm that occurred just an hour before was that the sidewalk was still wet – you wouldn’t have known it from the piercing blue sky above. It was quiet on the plains that morning, not many students walking to class or cars driving around yet. I reached the corner of Magnolia and College Street and felt sentimental. The beloved oak tree and a favorite campus landmark were before me as I realized this would be my last walk to class as an undergraduate at Auburn. I love Auburn. I love what Auburn represents and stands for – hard work, sportsmanship, education, honesty and truthfulness, a sound mind, obedience, helpfulness, and our country (Auburn Creed). I love the opportunity and experience it has provided me with. I love the community and family. I love everything about Auburn. So, as I walked to class that morning, I pulled my out camera to capture the Auburn symbols with the gorgeous blue backdrop.

Samford Hall

View of Toomer's Drugstore under Toomer's Oak Tree

A few minutes later I sat in my pre-departure class and heard from my college’s dean and associate dean, as well as a woman with the Joseph S. Bruno Foundation. They shared their thoughts and feelings about the program and told us how this experience is going to change our lives. They informed us, challenged us, and inspired us by their insights. By the end of class, I wanted to cry. I was so overcome with a heart full of gratitude. I sit here still in awe. First, I have been given the opportunity to attend college. Our parents have worked very hard to provide for our education. I acknowledge it as a privilege to take classes and learn and grow through curriculum. I am also grateful for Auburn’s College of Human Sciences. I am thankful for the learning experiences I have had in the HDFS department and the outstanding Bruno Abroad in Italy program that is before me.

I hope I can express my gratitude everyday with an attitude that is humble and a heart that is thankful. I have so much to be grateful for.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”
-William Arthur Ward


  1. Such a great post and reminder of an awesome school we attend! War eagle! Can't wait to see you!! loveya!

  2. just got chills! really awesome post! i believe in AUBURN and LOVE it!!!