Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Il Giorno di Neve!

I woke up last Friday morning to a gorgeous view outside of my bedroom window - a blanket of snow had covered our backyard - I couldn't wait to see what our "front yard" looked like. As, I walked into the kitchen I heard someone shouting. I peered out the window and saw a man trying to guide his tiny, European car backwards from the top of our small hill in front of the palace to the bottom. The driver looked panicked and his friend looked irritated as he yelled directions. It was interesting to see these men figure out how to get the car safely parked without crashing into the side of the palace - even though I had no idea what they were saying.

Soon after, a group of girls bundled up and ventured out to join the other townspeople of Ariccia for our "il giorno di neve" - snow day! We had so much fun walking around and playing in the snow.

Britani, Meaghan, me, Kelly, Jessica, Laura Beth, Laurel in front of the Palace

Snow flakes.

I counted till they danced so
Their slippers leaped the town,
And then I took a pencil
To note the rebels down.
And then they grew so jolly
I did resign the prig,
And ten of my once stately toes
Are marshalled for a jig!

Emily Dickinson


  1. I loved reading every entry! Your photos are BEAUTIFUL!!! You are in my daily thoughts! I miss you! Love you bunches! ~carisa

  2. i really love the pic of you sledding! so cute! all your pictures are AWESOME!

  3. I LOVE snow you more.

    The pic with the benches in fabulous!!!!