Monday, February 8, 2010

Sorella Gemella e Amica in Italia

Meg and Marianna have been in Germany for a month now doing their student teaching at the JFK International School in Berlin. They spent their Winter Break in Italy this past week and were able to come to Ariccia Friday! I showed them around the town and we took them to a little pizzeria place for dinner. The next day, Mary Hester and I met up with them in Rome for a day of shopping. Here are a few pictures from Friday and Saturday.

Meg and me in Ariccia

Marianna and Meg in Ariccia

Marianna and Meg in Ariccia

Meg and me on the Spanish Steps in Rome

It was great spending time with them on my first weekend in Italy. I loved seeing you, Meg and Marianna!


  1. ahh- your mom and i were talking about you two and how much fun you were probably having on sunday! great pictures. what a beautiful town you get to live in!